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Chanel 31 Le Rouge Satin Lipstick

Chanel launched a new lipstick called 31 Le Rouge ($195 each) inspired by their iconic address 31 Rue Cambon in Paris. There are 12 lipstick shades total packaged in a stunning re-fillable glass lipstick case that mirrors the Art Deco staircase in Gabrielle Chanel’s apartment. Each lipstick also comes with a quilted black case to protect the glass. This is one of the most luxurious lipsticks launched to date. Available now at
Refills are available at $80 each but they cannot be used without the case (there is a lock/twist mechanism inside the base which needs the lipstick case to twist up).

So many of you have been asking me to review these. As a long-time die hard Chanel fan and collector I knew I had to purchase at least one. I ended up buying a few to try and today I’m sharing all of my thoughts after putting them to the test. First here is a look at all 12 shades.
1 Rouge Beige2 Rouge Croisière3 Rouge Roman4 Rouge Flou5 Rouge Premier6 Rouge Imaginaire7 Rouge Privé8 Rouge Fétiche9 Rouge Tailleur10 Rouge Byzantin11 Rouge Coromandel12 Rouge 2.55

If you want a closer look at the display, case options and more I posted an Instagram Reel of the store displays and setup. We now have a Chanel Beauty boutique in Tampa so I stopped by to swatch all the colors since they are exclusive to and Chanel boutiques. In stores they have a boxed Coffret Set you can customize and pick a leather case (white, black or silver).

Here are my thoughts on the new lipstick:
Formula is truly exceptional. It’s the most exquisite formula I’ve ever tried. It’s the best classic satin lipstick formula I think that has ever been made. Texture is smooth and comfortable. They glide on the lips flawlessly. Pigment is opaque and rich. It adheres well to the lips. They’re softly scented with a floral scent but it’s modern and soft. They have Gardenia Oil and have pretty good lasting power.
Packaging is beautiful. The Chanel 31 Le Rouge cases are exactly what you’d expect from Chanel. Thick, weighted, sturdy, constructed like a work of art and with a magnetized cap. The glass resembles the super thick glass of tempered glass (like the duraclear glasses you find at Williams-Sonoma). I think the separate pouch is beautiful too.
The pigment is also really beautiful. They have a micronized pearl making them luminous on the lips, although only one has visible shimmer. The biggest downside in my opinion is the limited color selection – they have one lighter neutral and eleven bolds. While it makes sense that they focused primarily on classic reds, I wish they had launched more neutrals, soft pinks even some mauves. A handful of you told me the lightest shade was going to be too light for you and the second lightest option was straight up orange.
I ended up picking 5 shades to try and here are my thoughts on each of them.

1 Rouge Beige
1 Rouge Beige is the lightest shade and it’s a pearlescent beige. I love it although it’s pale and is a little bit on the sheer side (at least compared to all the other colors in the lineup). This shade reminds me of one of my favorite Tom Ford Lipsticks from my early days of blogging In the Buff and Pink Dune. It’s not as visible in photographs but in real life you can see it on the lips a lot better.

Makeup worn:

2 Rouge Croisière
2 Rouge Croisière looked promising as a healthy coral peach, but on my lips it’s really orange. It’s a vibrant coral that has a summery vibe. I do think you can tone down the color by lightly dabbing it versus swiping it on the lips.

3 Rouge Roman
3 Rouge Roman is my second favorite shade. It’s nearly impossible for me to wear purples on the lips because I can never find the right undertone. Most are either too brown, too red, or too purple. I think this one has just the right mix to truly look like a plum/mauve on my lips.

4 Rouge Flou
4 Rouge Flou is a bright warm red orange. Swatching it in store made me think it would be a warm coral but on my lips it definitely pulls more reddish. It’s so bright it is almost a electric neon kind of shade.

10 Rouge Byzantin
10 Rouge Byzantin is a brown plum. There are 3 darker plum tones and they all looked really pretty in store. It was hard to narrow down my pick as the nuances between each of them are slight. I debated between Rouge Byzantin or Rouge 2.55 decided to opt for the one with more brown tones. It’s beautiful.

Are they worth the price? I really think this depends on your budget and personal preference. I had a chat with a few friends about the price recently – we talked about how some have no hesitation dropping $200 on a perfume, cashmere sweater, skincare etc, but not a lipstick or a makeup palette.

I don’t know that I will ever think a lipstick is worth a $200 price tag, but if you love Chanel or find a color you really love, I think the 31 Le Rouge Lipstick will make a beautiful collector piece. It will truly be a special splurge treat. The packaging is truly exquisite and formula is exceptional. Part of me wishes they had more neutrals or soft pinks, but I am happy to have at least 1 neutral.
Available at and Chanel Boutiques.
Did you check out the lipsticks? What did you think?

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